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An In-Depth Knowledge About Cyclomatic Complexity And How You Can Easily Find The Best Tool To Break It Down

To put it simply, cyclomatic complexity reflects how many branching paths (among other connections) there are in a program. This is based on the reasoning that a more complex code needs to be tested more since it is less reliable. You are basically counting the number of possible branch points in your code.

Thomas McCabe developed the cyclomatic complexity in 1976. Most people call it as program complexity, or as McCabe’s complexity. Today, it is still one of the most popular and meaningful measurements for analyzing code.

CYC = E – N + 2P is the formula for cyclomatic complexity. Wherein the P is the number of the disconnected parts of the flow graph such as a calling program and a subroutine. The E is the transfers of control or the number of edges. The N of the formula is for the number of nodes or the sequential group of statements containing only one transfer of control. Keep in mind that the binary decisions add one to complexity.

Then the numbers that have been derived can be used for length testing and breadth testing. Length testing is a way by which you can try to cover the entire scope by selecting the important test cases for each feature. Breadth testing is when you validate the full functionality of a program but does not test the features in detail.

Since cyclomatic complexity is not easily understood by everyone, there are many tools that can help you out with it. Here are the factors you should consider when selecting one.

Make sure to read the comments and review section of the website or page of the company offering the tool for cyclomatic complexity. It is a good way for you to learn what previous and current clients think about their service and their cyclomatic complexity tool. Skim through and check if there are any complaints resolved by their support staff.

It is ideal to choose a cyclomatic complexity tool that was made for different types of clients. Ask their support staff what are the problems occurred during their work and how they were able to fix it.

The final tip is that since the cyclomatic complexity tool is not free, it is important that you do a canvas on the price quotation of each company offering them. Identify your budget and shortlist those who are able to meet it.

Established developers offering cyclomatic complexity tools make sure that they leave a lasting impression on their clients to make sure that they are referred to in times of needs.

You just have to be very keen in doing research about cyclomatic complexity and you will be an expert in no time.

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