There are reviews on Collected.Reviews about the best online fitness programs and diet plans that you can enroll in to keep your shape intact and stay healthy. However, you can stay healthy without all of these, all you have to do is follow these 6 steps.


1. Do not rush while chewing:

Allow your brain to process what you are eating. Do not chew too fast so your brain can alert you when you are full. When you eat slowly, you save food and you get satisfied quickly. The speed at which you eat also has the possibility of affecting your weight. Most fast eaters grow up to become obese. To help yourself chew slowly, you can count the number of times you chew each bite.

2. Make use of smaller plates:

Years ago, plates were smaller compared to the kind of plates that are available now. These bigger plates can contribute to adding weight, how? When you use a big plate, everything appears big to you so if you add enough food to the plate, it will look small to you and you will want to add more but using a smaller plate will help you eat less.

3. Consume a lot of proteins:

Proteins can easily affect hunger. It can make you feel like you are filled and not hungry reduces your calorie intake. A study revealed that increasing your consumption of protein can help you lose a couple of pounds (weight not cash) per day. Try to incorporate more proteins in your meals and see how fit you will look.

4. Avoid unhealthy food:

Keep away from unhealthy food, keep unhealthy food away from you, either way, make sure that you are not within reach of junk, soda, and other unhealthy foods. You can keep them inside your cupboards or somewhere that is not easy to reach so you are not tempted to touch them. Instead, keep healthy foods around so you can always reach for them when you are hungry.

5. Drink water frequently:

Drinking water before supper can aid digestion and make you lose weight. A study revealed that drinking water about half an hour before meals can reduce hunger, make you eat less and help you reduce your intake of calories.

6. Get enough rest:

With regards to wellbeing, people fail to take cognizance of the concept of rest and stress. They both contribute to your appetite and weight. When you don’t give yourself enough rest, it raises your cortisol levels and messes with the hormones responsible for regulating hunger – leptin, and ghrelin. These chemicals will make you yearn for unhealthy meals and then you begin to stress eat.

A couple of healthy habits is all you need to inculcate to stay fit. You do not need to stick to a diet plan, channel the discipline you will use to follow a diet plan into following the tips above and you will notice the changes yourself.